This listing is for individual harness pieces.


Top Piece Sizes: S, M, L

Front Piece Sizes: XS, S, M

Base Piece Sizes: S, M, L, XL


A complete Perfect Fit dog harness consisting of a 3 pieces, Size S, M or L Top piece, size XS, S or M front piece and Size S, M, L or XL Base piece, adjustable in two places.


The Top piece can be ordered in a variety of colours. The Base and front piece is black.


There is a D-Ring attachment on the Top piece and front piece of this harness.


All of our Perfect Fit harnesses are made in the UK with soft, comfortable high quality fleece padding, stainless steel D-rings, moulded plastic buckles and tough polypropylene webbing.

Perfect Fit 20mm Harness (Individual Pieces)

Piece Required
  • Machine wash 30ºC (use laundry bag) / Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Then let the product air dry

  • Girth Body Shape Base Front  Top 
    45-55cm e.g. very small spaniels, small Cockapoo S XS S

    longer body

    e.g. Standard Dachshund

    S S S

    longer top piece

    e.g. French Bulldog

    S S M

    Shorter shoulder area, deep chest

    e.g. Pug

    M XS S

    Deep chest

    e.g. smaller Cocker Spaniel, Tibentan Terrier

    M S S

    Deep chest, slight frame

    e.g. small Whippet, large Cockapoo

    M XS M

    Most popular for medium sized dogs

    e.g. large Cocker, Springers, Beagles,Whippets, Collies

    M S M


    deep chest

    e.g. English Bulldog

    M M M

    long body

    e.g. Corgi

    M S L

    long body, deep chest

    e.g. Basset Hound

     M      M 



    very deep chest, short body

    L S S
    62-72cm shorter body L M S
    62-72cm longer body, deep chest e.g. Saluki L S M

    long body, deep chest

    e.g. Australia Shepherd, small Siberian Husky

    L S L
    64-74cm e.g. StaffordshireBull Terrier L M M
    64-74cm e.g. Labrador L M L

    long body, deep chest, slight build

    e.g. Greyhound

    XL S L








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