Lead is 120cm long and 8mm in width.


The Weekend Warrior Rope Leash is designed for daily walks and adventures with your dog. 

The rope leash is made using the same weaving technique as in climbing ropes. The leash has a light and comfortable feel, with high-quality materials making it extremely durable and reliable. 

The 3M reflectors sewn onto the rope leash improve safety by making it more visible in the dark. The soft neoprene grip makes the rope leash comfortable to use. A reinforcing strap inside the padding makes the grip durable. 

Lightweight stainless steel metal components give the leash a finishing touch and increase the product’s lifetime. 

The durability of the critical points on the leash is ensured by special stitching and has been tested with tensile tests that comply with the SFS-EN ISO 13934-1 standard.


Hurtta Weekend Warrior Rope Lead

  • Durability

    Tensile strength at least 6 times the weight of the recommended breed


    Luminous intensity of reflectors is 400-500 lx/m2


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