Pup growing fast? Don't want to waste money buying coats as they grow but want a good quality one while they do? Our coat rental scheme is for you!


Here it is how it'll work:

  1. You choose the first size you will need. Measure your pup from the middle of their shoulder blades to the base of their tail in cm. If they are between sizes then choose the size up.
  2. Choose which coat you would like. The Monsoon is a waterproof shell and it great for double coated dogs and/or warmer weather. The Expedition Parka is warmer, water-resistant and great for short or single coated pups.
  3. Once you have ordered I will message you to pay a refundable deposit of £50. This is to cover any damage to the coat while in your posession.
  4. We will send you the coat of your choice in that size. Coats will be either Bilberry (blue) or Blackberry (charcoal) - which colour you get will dependent on what we have avaliable.
  5. Once your pups has grown out of the size you simply let us know, pop it back to us and we will send you the next size up (or two sizes up if they're growing very quickly).
  6. Your rental cost is £10 a month no matter how often you need to swap for a larger size. You are responsible for postage back to us and we will cover postage back to you.
  7. We will continue to send larger sizes until your dog is fully grown. At this point you will be given the option to either return the coat and get your deposit back (assuming no damage) or to keep the coat in exchange for the deposit (RRP on these coats is up to £79.99)


Hurtta Coat Puppy Rental Scheme

Coat Choice
First Size Required
Price Options
Coat Rental
£10.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • You are required to pay a £50 deposit in order to take part in this scheme. I will message you for it after you have ordered. This is to cover any major damage or loss of the coats while in your posession. 

    We are not expecting the coats to be returned in perfect condition, fair wear and tear such as small nicks in the fabric or scratched buckles are fine but any major damage that would mean the coat had to be taken out of the scheme will be deducted from your deposit. 


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