Don't be fooled by our good looks. We've heard all about you tough guys that will tear our hearts out in minutes... blah blah blah... We have double -stitched reinforced seams, sewn eyes, durable mesh inner lining for our under amour and new non-toxic fibre stuffing for your enjoyment. We're great for playing with, but we're not made of rubber or rope and therefore we do not claim to be indestructible. If you're a master chewer, you should head over the Zogoflex toys. But if you like a bit of rough play, like fetch and tug, then stick with us. And when you're tired from your game, we make great pillow too!


Extra Small Toys: Lady the Ladybird

Small Toys: Jessica the Bunny, Spicy the Caterpillar

Medium Toys: Marge the Cow, Harriet the Hedgehog, Olive the Frog, Mary the Lamb

Large Toys: Harry the Otter, Katie the Caterpillar, Nuts the Squirrel, Walter the Rabbit, Hendrix the Fox, Ike the Pheasant


Fluff & Tuff Countryside Collection


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