For many these furry Rabbit Skins offer a tasty chew with the added benefit of being furry. Whilst the chew entertains and provides a range of nutrients the fur helps as a natural de-wormer and could form part of a natural de-worming regime. These are an unusual chew and are not particularly long lasting but does offer something unusual. For Agility and other sporting dogs they can be used as a “tuggy” toy on a temporary basis until they are consumed.


  • All natural, nothing but Rabbit
  • Ideal for all dogs except the smallest of puppies
  • Economical to feed
  • No additives or preservatives
  • 100% Rabbit Skin, nothing added or taken away
  • Fur helps as a natural de-wormer
  • Sourced from within the EU
  • Low odour and soft to the touch

FBN Rabbit Skins with Fur


    100% Rabbit Skin with fur


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