Please note these collars are made to order and will therefore take 3-4 weeks from ordering to delivery. 


This is a handmade collar, made in the UK with biothane webbing. Biothane is a waterproof, stink-proof webbing, often used a a vegan alternative to webbing. The biothane we use is soft to the touch and extremely easy to clean, just rinse under the tap!


This listing is for a 3/4" or 20mm collar. 


Other widths are avaliable:

1/2" / 13mm

5/8" / 16mm

1" / 25mm

1.5" / 40mm


BioThane Buckle Collar 3/4"

Hardware Colour
Add a BioThane Strap Keeper?
  • Our BioThane collars are easy to clean. Simple wash under the tap with soap. If your collar is extremely dirty you can wash it in the dishwasher. 

  • We are so confient in the quality of DDD collars and leads that we offer a lifetime gurentee on all of them.  Should your collar or lead fail during your dog's life we will repair or replace it free of charge. Because we believe that you shouldn't have to replace your dog's collar or lead out of neccessity, but just wanting a new design is definitely allowed!

    The only thing we do not cover damage due to misuse e.g. if the lead has been used as a tie out or cosmetic issues e.g. if the fabric stains a little over time.


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