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It’s almost pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) and we can’t have our four legged friends missing out on all that tasty goodness! So what’s the best way to make pancakes for our pups? We have a super simple recipe and some terribly tasty topping ideas to get those tails wagging this pancake day!

For this recipe you will need oats, a banana and an egg, super simple! Take one cup of oats and blend them to a fine powder. (For a more rustic pancake you can stick to just a quick blitz for a more textured finish). Add one banana and one egg to the blender, blend until smooth. You've got yourself a pup friendly pancake mix that's ready to cook. If you think your mix is too thick you can mix in a splash of water to thin it out.

Picture from @EnrichingPaws

Take a non-stick frying pan and add a dollop of your mixture. Fry until cooked through, you can even try a pancake flip if you're feeling brave! The time needed to cook will vary on the size of the pancakes you're making but should take no longer than a couple of minutes per pancake. Once your stack is ready it's time to get creative and add some tasty toppings ready for your pup to enjoy.

We’re going to share out favourite toppings here at Devil Dood but there are no rules, get as creative as you like and throw together your dogs favourite ingredients in whatever way you like.

‘Bark-worthy Bacon and syrup’

The classic combo of bacon and syrup, love it or loathe it this is a go to recipe for many on Shrove Tuesday. But all that bacon and sugary syrup isn’t quite the healthy treat our pups deserve so we’ve dug out some tasty ingredients to give your dog a ‘bark-worthy’ topping combination.

Picture from @EnrichingPaws

Your dog will probably agree that the bacon is the most important part of this topping combo, so we’ve grabbed some ‘Finer by nature jerky’ to the top of our pancakes. The best part? ‘FBN Jerky’ is 100% natural and made from 100% meat. With 7 proteins to choose from including, Pheasant, goose and kangaroo, it’s a perfect choice for dogs with food intolerances or those that like to spice up the standard chicken or beef options!

Now it’s time for that golden goodness, the drizzle of syrup! Or in our case ‘Grizzly Salmon Oil’. Salmon oil is a highly palatable and extremely beneficial supplement for dogs, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Salmon oil can help support a healthy immune system as well as improve coat and skin condition and has anti-inflammatory properties which can benefit joint health. Best of all ‘Grizzly Salmon Oil’ is sustainably made as a co-product of high quality human seafood products, meaning no fish is caught solely for the purpose of making oil!

‘Paw-Fect fruit topping’

Berry pancakes are always a winner especially when dolloped high with a mighty portion of whipped cream so this fruity favourite had to be redesigned for our pets that prefer a pop of colour in their bowl.

Picture from @EnrichingPaws

We opted to substitute the whipped cream for ‘Fish4Dogs Mousse’. This airy, whipped, fishy treat is gently steamed to lock in all the benefits of high quality fish ingredients and if you’ve got some spare from topping pancakes it’s also the perfect addition to lickimats and other treat toys!

Now for that pop of colour! ‘Jaspers Choice Green BARF Toppers' are relatively new to the shop but are perfect for topping pancakes and so much more! Available in four different varieties, Pea stew, herbal, fruity and veg, they're packed full of nutritional goodness, designed for topping raw food but great for lickimats, adding some flavour to wet or dry food and just a textured treat. We used the 'fruity' topper for our pancakes to keep the fresh fruity flavour. We finished it off with some fresh fruits that really complete the bowl.

Don’t forget we’ve got our ‘LN Design Dinner Time Snoods’ to keep spaniel ears, poodle perms and doodle doo's pancake free so you can enjoy a fuss free meal time with minimal clean up! There is a variety of designs to suit the style of any pup including our ‘Charity Rainbow Designs’ that help to raise vital funds for our four chosen charities. You can find out more about them here.

Will you be celebrating pancake day with your pooch? We’d love to see your creations whether they’re completely unique or you’ve followed the tasty toppings we’ve suggested above! You can tag us on instagram and use the hashtag #DDDPancakepupsso we can share our favourite creations in our @DevilDoodDirect story!

Written by Beth Walker RVN from EnrichingPaws.

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