Harness Fit Checklist

Choosing a harness can be a bit of minefield, I have chosen my favourite brands to stock but not every harness will suit every dog. Before I do a post on our range I wanted to share some general pointers as to what to look for in a harness:

  • Can your dog's shoulders move freely? Make sure there isn't any straps cutting across the shoulder joint or muscles! Look for a harness that is Y-shaped.

  • Is the harness listed as a "no pull" harness? Any harness described as so usually prevents pulling by causing some form of discomfort to the dog. This could be through a strap that tightens or a design that prevents free movement of their legs. I would avoid anything listed as such.

  • Does the harness sit far enough back from the armpit? Harnesses that are too short in the body could rub under the arms.

  • Is the strap between you dog's legs the right width? If the strap touches either leg it could also rub.

  • Does the front of the harness sit above the breastbone? Anything sitting lower could restrict their shoulder movement.

  • Have you chosen the right materials? Fleece is nice and comfy but can get caught on the undergrowth and rub when wet. If you have dog that loves water and exploring the woods then a neoprene or nylon harness might be better!

  • Have you chosen the right level of padding? In an ideal world, no dog would pull but we know that is not the reality for some dog owners. If you have a dog that pulls a more padded harness to distribute the weight more evenly is recommend.

Here are some of my fantastic customers in their beautifully fitted harnesses.

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