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Updated: Feb 10

I am a huge fan of Hurtta coats, they're the best I've ever bought for my dogs but they can be a little overwhelming with their sizing and range so I thought I would do a quick guide to sizing and all the different coats.


Hurtta sizing is based on the length from the middle of your dog's shoulder blades to the base of their tail. Sizes increase in 5cm / 2 inch increments, if your dog is between sizes then size up as the back length can be shortened with a clever elastic inside the coat. The chest and neck sections are very adjustable, the measurement given on the size guides in the largest the coat will go, they go much, much smaller. These coats fit a wide range of breeds thanks to all the adjustable features.

All Hurtta coats have:

  • a harness hole so your dog can wear their normal harness underneath

  • multiple adjustment points on chest and neck sections to ensure a good fit

  • leg elastics to keep the back of the coat in place

  • reflective patterns on the outside of the coat/suit

The Range of Coats


The Monsoon is a thin waterproof shell coat designed to keep your dog dry. It doesn't have an insulation so is ideal for double coated dogs that just need to stay dry not warm. It's also a great coat for warmer spring or autumn days or to layer with jumpers for dogs that feel the cold.

It is available in three colours; Blackberry (charcoal), Bilberry (blue) and ECO Rosehip (as shown) in sizes from 20-90cm.

Rain Blocker

Photo from @wishuponatoller

The Rain Blocker is made from the same waterproof shell material as the Monsoon however it also has front legs. Great for keeping legs clean on dogs that would not tolerate a full suit.

Available in Raven (black), Stream (pale blue) and ECO Hedge (green) in sizes from 25-70cm.

Downpour Suit

The Downpour suit is also a waterproof shell, but as the name suggests it is a full suit with legs.

This suit is amazing for fluffy dogs like Colin that seem to just attract mud, much better than a fleece suit that we found causes matting very quickly.

Available in Raven (as shown) in sizes from 30 to 80cm back lengths. Some sizes are also available in XS, S and L leg lengths. The XS sizes are design for Dachshunds and other short-legged breeds, S for toy breeds and L for sighthounds. The Downpour suit does not have an adjustable back length.

Drizzle Coat

Photo from @sillytillypoodle

The Drizzle coat is a waterproof shell with a heat-reflective lining to help keep your pup's body warm. A great all-season coat for double coated breeds or cooler spring days for all breeds.

Available in Raven (black) and Currant (as shown) in sizes from 20 - 90cm.

Expedition Parka

Photo from @sadie__thestaffy

The Expedition Parka is our best selling Hurtta coat and also my personal most used coat for my dogs!

It is waterproof, warm and comes in three lovely colours. The soft elastic segments on the front are designed to be flexible with the dog’s movements. For dog's that really feel the cold it can be layered with a jumper for temperatures closer to freezing.

Available in Blackberry (charcoal), Bilberry (as shown) and Beetroot (pink) in sizes from 20 - 90cm. The 30 and 35cm sizes are also available in XL sizes for bully breeds like pugs and French bulldogs, the 40 and 45cm sizes are available in XS sizes for long, slim breeds like Dachshunds and Corgis.

Extreme Warmer

The Extreme Warmer is as it sounds, designed for extremely cold temperatures, or extremely wimpy dogs!

I call these their duvet coats because they're nice and snuggly with a heat reflective lining. They have a long snood section that can be pulled up over the ears as well as a snap under the tail to keep the back legs warm. The outer material is wind and waterproof with thermal wadding, the perfect coat for sub-zero temperatures and/or snow days!

Available in Blackberry (charcoal), Ligon (dark red) and ECO Hedge (as shown) insides from 25 - 65cm.

Hopefully that helps you decide which coat (or coats) will be best for your dog!

Fitting your Hurtta coat

Once your coat arrives you will need to fit it, it might not look like it is the right size straight out of the packet!

First you will need to adjust the main strap that clips around the belly, this is a bit fiddly and you may think that you can't get it small enough at first but I promise they will fit even the leanest dog.

The next section you will want to adjust is the elastic at the base of the neck, this will bring the whole coat forwards and ensure the dog can move their legs freely. It's important to do this before you adjust the back length.

Finally you might want to adjust the back length, this might not be necessary on all dog. On the Expedition Parka and Extreme Warmer the adjustment elastic is inside the coat so it is a bit tricker to adjust while on the dog.

Fitting your Downpour Suit / Rain Blocker

The Downpour suit and Rain Blocker coat have a lot of different elastics that can be used to adjust the fit of the suit your dog's shape including the length of the legs.

The most important elastic to have adjusted is the elastic that goes under the belly, this will make sure that no water can go inside the suit and will also stop boy dogs from being able to wee inside it. Next crucial adjustment point is the elastic at the base the neck, this will need tightening to make sure the suit or coat is sitting correctly on the dog and will allow you to make sure you have the right length coat.

With the legs it is important to make sure they are adjusted properly as if they're not your dog may be able pull their leg up inside the suit by accident. This can be avoided by shortening the elastic inside and making sure the poppers are tight. On the back legs I like to keep the suit above the hock.

Puppy Scheme

For growing pups we offer a rental scheme, for £10 a month you can rent either a Monsoon or Expedition Parka coat, once your pup grows out of it you can send it back to us and we will send you the next size up until they're fully grown. For more info on the scheme, click here.

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