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On this page you can meet all our gorgeous models and brand reps who help us with product testing, photos and a whole lot more! Want to join the Devil Dood team? Find out how at the bottom of the page!

We don't often add new members to our team but when we do there are two ways in which we choose dogs to join. The first is through a model search on our social media pages, our models are chosen based on quality images taken as well as support for DDD. The second way to join to team is as a brand rep. I do not hold searches for reps, instead I choose accounts that genuinely support DDD over a prolonged period of time. Brand rep do not need a huge following, amazing pictures or to be 'influencers', they simply need to be passionate about helping me to grow the DDD brand.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Resident dogs here at DDD HQ, chief product testers and trouble makers! Can usually be found trying to lift chews from the stock room.

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