Advent Boxes

Thank you for buying a Devil Dood Deli Advent Box, we hope you enjoy your daily chew for the duration of advent.

All chews in the box have at least 6 months before their expiry date so you can also save them and feed them over a longer period if you want to!


If you require any more information on any of the treats or chews such as fat content or other nutritional information please feel free to email us at


Please ensure your humans supervise you at all times when eating our chews, as with any natural product if you bite off a large piece it could be a choking risk! Always make sure you have access to fresh drinking water as dried meat chews can be thirsty work for pups!


  Love and licks, 

  Colin, Rhapsody & Arnie

What's in your box?

1 – Bully Beef / Buffalo Trachea

2 – Duck Neck

3 – Roe Deer Leg

4 – Pork Roll

5 – Cow Hoof

6 – Buffalo Ear

7 – Beef Tripe Stick

8 – Goat Braid

9 – Lamb Trotter

10 – Camel Hide

11 –  Buffalo Super Chew

12 – Paddywhack

13 – Lamb Tripe Stick

14 – Venison Super Chew

15 – Hairy Rabbit Ear

16 – Chicken Foot

17 – Fish Cubes

18 – Cow Ear

19 – Goat Tripe Stick

20 – Buffalo Skin

21 – Lamb Braid

22 – Duck Foot

23 – Goat Foot

24 – Chicken Necks

25 – Red Deer Leg

If you told us about any allergies your dog has you will have duplicates of other chews on the days that they could not have!